Egyptian Rights Groups: The impending trial of 43 democracy activists is ‘politically motivated’

by Colonel on February 15, 2012


“Egyptian human rights groups condemned Wednesday an impending trial of 43 democracy activists as politically motivated, accusing the authorities of intentionally misleading the public to retain power.

In December, prosecutors and special forces raided 17 nongovernmental organisations’ offices and confiscated their equipment.

Last month, they announced that dozens of Egyptians, Americans and activists of other nationalities had been referred to a criminal court.

That has deepened a rift between Egypt and its traditional US ally, with American lawmakers warning the crackdown could jeopardise more than $1 billion in annual US aid to Egypt.

And that drew a veiled warning Wednesday from the Islamist party that dominates Egypt’s parliament that the future of its peace treaty with Israel could be in jeopardy if Washington cuts off that aid.” – Jailan Zayan, Copyright 2012 AFP

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