Kabul demands local trial for U.S. Staff Sergeant whose rampage killed 16 Afghan civilians

by Colonel on March 13, 2012


“The Afghan parliament demanded on Monday that a US soldier accused of killing 16 civilians, including nine children, be put on trial in Afghanistan as a growing tide of local anger added to the pressure on the US-led war against the Taliban.

The murders have triggered a new spike in anti-western sentiment just weeks after furious protests erupted after the discovery of burnt copies of the Koran at a US base.

US officials have rushed to condemn the killings and pledged that the accused soldier will face justice. The sergeant detained on Sunday is accused of going house to house in a remote community near Kandahar and shooting men, women and children.

The combination of resentment in Afghanistan and revulsion in the west has dealt a fresh blow to the Nato-led force struggling to convince Afghans it is winning the war.” — Matthew Green, Copyright 2012 Financial Times Ltd

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