Israel: Iran’s nuclear program will soon be ‘strike-proof’

by Colonel on March 19, 2012


“Israel views the threat posed by a nuclear-armed Iran with greater urgency than the rest of the world, Israel’s defense minister said Monday.

Ehud Barak also reiterated recent Israeli assessments that Iran’s nuclear program is on the verge of becoming immune to disruptions by a possible military strike.

The remarks are likely to fuel already rampant speculation that Israel is preparing for a strike before Iran moves most of its nuclear facilities underground and beyond the reach of a precision attack.

In testimony to parliament’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, Barak also said that harsher international sanctions against Iran would be needed to try to pressure Tehran to abandon the suspect elements of its nuclear program.

Barak also invoked that the Jewish state will not leave its fate to others to decide.” — Copyright 2012 Gannett Co Inc

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