Neighbor: Staff Sergeant Robert Bales “upset” with some of President Obama’s Afghanistan strategy

by Colonel on March 19, 2012


“Holland was referring to the Pentagon strategy of paying off local villagers to keep them from engaging in sectarian violence.

“It really upset him,” he said. “It made him feel like what he was doing was losing its meaning … He didn’t approve of the way the current administration was handling things.”

Bales, 38, was also irked by “little things” that happened after President Obama took office in 2008, like soldiers not being allowed to use some military-issued equipment for personal use, Holland said.

“Like, after Obama came to office, they weren’t allowed to take batteries home with them,” he said. “He thought it showed disrespect.”

Despite being disgruntled, Bales never wavered in his duty, Holland said.

“He loved his country,” he said. “He was patriotic from head to toe.” — Matthew Lysiak and Corky Siemaszko, Copyright 2012

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