Press Secretary Carney: White House “disappointed” that the L.A. Times published the Afghan photos 2 years after the incident

by Colonel on April 18, 2012


“White House spokesman Jay Carney reacted to the publication of photos in the Los Angeles Times of U.S. soldiers posing with corpses in Afghanistan by  saying the Obama administration is “disappointed.. [with] the decision to publish two years after the incident,” according to a pool report.

Carney is suggesting, it would seem, that the photos might put at risk U.S. soldiers fighting the war in Afghanistan. And that, since the photos were taken two years ago, there would not seem to be pressing need for the Los Angeles Times to publish the photos while the soldiers are in that war theater.

Carney also blasted the photos themselves–at least, the actions of those American in the pictures. “[The] conduct depicted in those photographs is reprehensible and does not in any way represent the high standards of the US military,” Carney [said].” — Daniel Halper, Copyright 2012 The Weekly Standard LLC

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