Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras outlines his government’s policy plan: renegotiating bailout terms and accelerating structural reforms

by Colonel on July 8, 2012


“Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras outlined his government’s policy plan on Friday evening, focusing on the renegotiation of bailout terms with international lenders and the acceleration of structural reforms.

He made the remarks in the Greek parliament at the start of a three-day debate that will end on Sunday night with a vote of confidence in the three-party coalition government.

He stressed that any changes to the stability and growth program launched in 2010 in exchange of multi-billion euro bailout packages by European counterparts and International Monetary Fund will be made through dialogue with lenders and not unilaterally.

In order to achieve the ultimate target of averting a Greek disorderly default and exit from the eurozone, Samaras pledged that the new government will put emphasis on the expansion and acceleration of a bold privatization program and structural reforms to boost growth.” — Copyright 2012 Xinhua

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