Report: Illegal Immigrants released since 2008 have since committed 19 murders and 142 sex crimes

by Colonel on July 31, 2012


“Those who could have been deported but were released later went on to commit the 19 murders, 3 attempted murders and 142 sex crimes, the [Senate] Judiciary Committee said.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the agency responsible for deportations, said many of those identified by Secure Communities and detailed in the report either weren’t eligible to be deported or were released by local officials before ICE could respond.

The Obama administration has set records for deportations, removing about 400,000 aliens a year. But it has dramatically altered the composition of those being deported, shifting attention away from rank-and-file illegal immigrants and towards those who already have criminal records or who have repeatedly broken immigration laws.

In June President Obama announced yet another policy that shields most illegal immigrants age 30 and under from deportation. That policy won’t fully take effect until the middle of August.” — Stephen Dinan, Copyright 2012 The Washington Times LLC

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