Koch Brothers pour money into voter registration efforts

by Colonel on August 3, 2012


“Their mission: Find residents who share the small- government philosophy of Americans for Prosperity, a nonprofit group founded by billionaire industrialists and Republican donors Charles and David Koch.

It’s a project conceived in envy, as the Kochs watched another billionaire, financier George Soros, underwrite a 2004 Democratic voter-turnout project that operated outside of the official party, said Tim Phillips.

“To their credit, Soros and other progressive, liberal donors decided to strengthen the movement rather than the party,” Phillips said. “It eventually worked, and there’s no reason we can’t see the same success.”

Americans for Prosperity plans to spend $100 million this year, only about a third of it on costly television ads that lack the personal connections strategists in both parties agree are more effective in swaying voters.” — Julie Bykowicz, Copyright 2012 Bloomberg LP

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