President Obama slams Romney Pollster Neil Newhouse for saying the campaign wouldn’t be “dictated by fact checkers”

by Colonel on August 30, 2012


“President Obama slammed Mitt Romney’s campaign Wednesday for a controversial ad about changes in welfare policy, saying the newly minted GOP nominee “will not let the fact checkers get in the way” of a political attack.

Obama cited a remark by Romney pollster Neil Newhouse, who told reporters that Romney’s campaign would not be swayed by independent fact checkers who concluded the ad was highly inaccurate.

The ad claims that Obama ended the work requirement for people who receive welfare. As several groups have pointed out, the Obama administration gave states more flexibility to determine their own work requirements by agreeing to issue waivers if their policies got more people off welfare. It did not end the work requirement.

But Newhouse said fact checkers bring their own “thoughts and beliefs” to the process.” — Kathleen Hennessey, Copyright 2012 Tribune Company

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