Secretary of State Clinton: The U.S. can work with China in the Pacific

by Colonel on September 1, 2012


“The United States will buttress security partnerships across the Pacific as it strengthens ties with island nations, but also hopes to work more closely with China as Beijing expands its own influence in the region.

Clinton arrived in the tiny Pacific outpost of the Cook Islands for this year’s Pacific Islands Forum, part of Washington’s effort to woo nations across the Asia-Pacific.

Clinton told the gathering, which represents 16 independent and self-governing states ranging from Australia and New Zealand to smaller islands such as Tuvalu and Nauru, that the United States was in the region for the long haul.

But she also played down growing perceptions of a U.S.-China rivalry in the region, declaring “the Pacific is big enough for all of us” and dismissing the notion that expanded U.S. activity was “a hedge against particular countries.”" — Copyright 2012 The Associated Press; Copyright 2012

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