Over 1,000 people protest the controversial anti-Muslim film in Sydney, Australia

by Colonel on September 15, 2012


“The city was rocked by a wild melee involving more than a 1000 protesters, with police being struck by water bottles, rocks and pieces of timber.

Six policemen were among a dozen people injured, with two officers requiring hospital treatment as the inner-city streets and Hyde Park turned into bloody battlegrounds.

Frontline police, including a dozen dog handlers, resorted to using capsicum spray as a wall of protesters tried to storm past them.

The Sydney riot follows a deadly wave of Islamic protests around the world which have left at least six people dead – including US ambassador Chris Stevens and three US nationals.

The Sydney riot caused traffic chaos, forcing diversions as the placard-waving protesters – many of them women and children – gathered at Sydney’s Town Hall around noon before moving to the US consulate in Martin Place.” — Yoni Bashan, Copyright 2012 News Limited

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