150,000 Protesters in Portugal and Tens of thousands in Spain rally against tax increases

by Colonel on September 15, 2012


“Over 150,000 Portuguese marched on Saturday against planned tax hikes that have shattered the consensus behind austerity imposed by an EU/IMF bailout, and tens of thousands more marched in Spain, seen as the next country needing to be bailed out.

The rallies in Portugal were mostly incident-free, but a young protester of about 20 was taken to hospital with burns after an attempted self-immolation during the protests in the northern town of Aveiro. RTP television quoted firemen as saying his life was not in danger.

Organized via the Internet, the rallies brought together Portuguese from all walks of life, chanting: “Out of here! IMF is hunger and misery!” and calling on the centre-right government to resign.

The rally ended at the vast Square of Spain near the Spanish embassy to express solidarity with protesters across the border in Spain.” — Andrei Khalip, Copyright 2012 Thomson Reuters

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