WeAskAmerica Colorado Presidential Poll: Obama (49.3%), Romney (45.5%), Gary Johnson (1.3%)

by Colonel on October 1, 2012



The Centennial State’s electorate is a vibrant mix of aging hippies, current and retired military and nearly every walk of life in between. The eclectic mixture makes Colorado a tough state to predict. Here are our results from our last poll:

Poll type: Automated Date: Sept. 25-27, 2012 - Participants: 1,273 Likely Voters - Margin of Error:± 2.8%

PRESIDENT Barack Obama Mitt Romney Gary Johnson Undecided
ALL VOTERS 49.3% 45.5% 1.3% 3.9%
GOP ONLY 15.9% 80.1% 0.9% 3.1%
DEM ONLY 85.2% 12.5% 0.2% 2.1%
IND ONLY 42.3% 47.3% 2.9% 7.5%

As with all our polls, the topline results have been weighted with our propriety formula using 65 different criteria. We’re providing the self-described party affiliation cross-tabs since so many have asked for it. Again, these affiliations are self-described and not used in our weighting system.

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