Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson Endorses Florida’s 2014 Constitutional Amendment to Legalize Medicinal Marijuana

by Colonel on October 2, 2012


“Gary Johnson, whose Libertarian presidential bid has already spooked Republicans, might get a few Democratic voters as well thanks to his support for a sleeper issue in Florida: medical marijuana.

“Johnson is expected to endorse the current effort to put a Constitutional Amendment to legalize medicinal marijuana on the Florida ballot in 2014,” said Johnson’s Florida political advisor, Roger Stone, a one-time GOP operative who lives in Miami Beach.

The marijuana proposal faces a series of tough challenges in Florida. And so does Johnson.

As a third-party candidate, the little-known former Republican governor of New Mexico doesn’t have the name recognition or major financial support that Republican Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama enjoy.

” — Marc Caputo, Copyright 2012

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