Fox News’ Karl Rove falsely claims that Obama is first to win re-election with fewer Electoral Votes and Popular Vote that the previous election

by Colonel on November 7, 2012

As a part of Fox News’ post-Obama win analysis, conservative talkinghead Karl Rove has claimed several times that President Obama is the first to win re-election with less Electoral Votes and less Popular Vote. That claim is patently false:

Former President Woodrow Wilson got less Electoral Votes while winning re-election in 1916.

Former President Franklin D. Roosevelt got less Electoral Votes and a smaller share of the Popular Vote while winning re-election in 1940 (and even less again in 1944).

Fully expect for Rove to later clarify that he meant the Electoral AND Popular Votes, even though on live television he stated and emphasized the Electoral Vote and Popular Vote as separate points. Or claim that he was referring to the “Modern Presidential Election Era” since 1960.

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