Republican Congressman Allen West (FL) Refuses to Concede as Democrat Patrick Murphy declares victory

by Colonel on November 18, 2012

“Results showing West trailing Murphy by 1,900 votes were now expected to be turned over to the state Division of Elections for official certification.

Under Florida law in the event of an incomplete recount the original returns are automatically submitted for certification by the state.

The St. Lucie County Canvassing Board resumed a recount of early voting results on Sunday, but failed to meet a state deadline to certify those  results by noon.

The recount was expected to include 37,000 write-in and provisional ballots for District 18.

Meanwhile, the West campaign is reportedly planning to press the issue further in an emergency hearing and dismissed Murphy’s claim of victory.

The Murphy campaign had sought an injunction to stop the recount but the request was subsequently denied.

On Friday, a state election auditor found a box of 306 early voting ballots that were never counted.

” — Copyright 2012 Newsmax

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