Republican Iowa Governor Terry Branstad: End the Ames Iowa Republican Straw Poll

by Colonel on November 22, 2012

“A major staple of the Republican presidential nominating process — the straw poll of Republicans at the Iowa State University in Ames — could go by the wayside if Iowa’s GOP governor gets his way.

Gov. Terry Branstad, who’s currently serving his fifth term as governor of the Hawkeye State, told the Wall Street Journal that the straw poll was no longer relevant.

The governor’s comments earned a rebuke from the chairman of the state Republican party.

The straw poll has more often offered a glimpse of candidates’ organizational strength in Iowa, which traditionally hosts the first nominating contest in a presidential contest, than a good predictor of the nominee. Candidates often spend thousands on courting votes in the straw poll.

But the winner hasn’t always gone onto the nomination. Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann won the straw poll this summer.

” — Michael O’Brien, Copyright 2012

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