Rep. Chris Gibson (R-NY): No Longer Bound by Norquist Anti-Tax Pledge due to Congressional Redistricting

by Colonel on November 30, 2012

“Freshman New York GOP Rep. Chris Gibson says he isn’t bound by Grover Norquist’s anti-tax pledge that he signed in 2010, because his district has since been changed.

Gibson originally ran for his seat in the 20th District, but now he is in the 19th District, which includes about half of his old constituents. Gibson spokeswoman Stephanie Valle says he won’t sign the pledge when his new term begins.

She told The Associated Press that Gibson favors extending current tax rates but “will consider all comprehensive packages” crafted by congressional leaders and the White House. Gibson wants to close loopholes and curb deductions.

The National Review’s John Fund excoriates the rookie representative.

Was Gibson’s pledge only “to your constituents of a numbered district?” Fund quips.

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  • Count Ulster

    I’ve been blogging about Gibson since it became clear, to my utter horror, that this guy was going to become my congressman. He’s a hot-tempered, woman-hating, Tea Partier. But I’m really going to enjoy it when he tries to stand up to the lunatics in his caucus on taxes — and has his ass handed to him. Going to be very entertaining.

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