Heritage Foundation: Pentagon, not White House, Should Campaign for Defense Secretary Nominee Chuck Hagel

by Colonel on January 15, 2013

“The White House, not the Pentagon, should be making the political argument to the Senate to confirm former Sen. Chuck Hagel as the next defense secretary, a government expert says.

The Washington Times reported Monday that the Pentagon sent briefing papers to senators on Saturday that called criticism of Mr. Hagel “myths” and sought to paint him as a hawk on Iran and an ally of Israel.

Michael Franc, vice president of government studies at the Heritage Foundation, told The Times that, in his experience, the White House typically would issue such political documents and leave agencies — in this case the Pentagon — to provide basic information on nominees.

“There was a line between the people in the White House who the Hill saw as legitimately trying to advance the president’s choice and people who work in the agency,” he said.

” — Rowan Scarborough, Copyright 2013 The Washington Times LLC

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