Republican Senator Rob Portman (OH): President Obama “Missing the Point” on the Debt Ceiling and Spending

by Colonel on January 15, 2013

““Yes, we need to raise the debt limit at some point, but we have to do it in the context of getting the spending under control. The president says we need to pay our bills. He misses the whole point. The point is we need to adjust what bills we’re paying and how we’re paying them,” Portman said on Fox News.

At a press conference in the White House on Monday, Obama said it was “absurd” for Congress to debate how the country pays its bills.

Portman said on Fox News that Obama’s comments made for a nice message, but not much else.

“It is a compelling message saying we need to pay the bills that we’ve racked up. But it misses the whole point.” said Portman, who served as budget director for former President George W. Bush.

” — Kevin Cirilli, Copyright 2013 Politico LLC

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