Some Democrats in the House of Representatives Propose Voter Law Reforms

by Colonel on January 18, 2013

“Fresh from the November elections in which both parties complained that voters’ rights had been curtailed, House Democrats are pushing election reforms as a central tenet of their legislative agenda for the new Congress.

The move, spurred in part by the efforts of Republican-led state governments to scale back early voting, likely will fall on deaf ears in the GOP-controlled House. And the push has gained even less traction in the Senate, although Democrats hold a majority there.

The task force, formed by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat, already this Congress has spawned several election and campaign-finance reform bills. One, the Streamlined and Improved Methods at Polling Locations and Early (SIMPLE) Voting Act, would require states to establish 15 days for early voting and require that nobody have to wait more than one hour in line to vote.

” — Sean Lengell, Copyright 2013 The Washington Times LLC

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