Video Recordings Offer Insight Into Algeria Hostage Situation

by Colonel on January 23, 2013

“The videos, which have emerged on Algerian television over the past 48 hours, capture a range of moments from the four-day ordeal — from tense images of hostages sitting in groups to gruesome footage of an execution by bodybomb. One tape catches snippets of negotiations between the Algerian military and the al Qaeda-linked terrorists. …

As described by Algerian news reports, another shows a terrorist carrying an explosive belt with a car battery between his thighs and two wires in his hands — ready to detonate his bomb when the Algerian army attacks. Algeria’s Ennahar TV reported that the execution of several foreign hostages by terrorists was also caught on tape.

Most of the on-scene videos seem to have been recorded by Algerian hostages, who were reportedly separated from their foreign colleagues at the outset of the terrorist attack.

” — Lee Ferran and Mohammad Al-Kassim, Copyright 2013 ABC News Internet Ventures

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