Canadian Government Warns Citizens to Evacuate Benghazi, Libya, Over Fear of an Imminent Attack

by Colonel on January 24, 2013

“Canada joined other nations Thursday in warning its citizens to get out of Benghazi, Libya.

The foreign affairs department cited the earlier warning issued by Britain, Germany and the Netherlands of a “specific, imminent threat to Westerners” in the eastern Libyan city.

“There is a heightened risk of terrorism throughout Libya, including in Benghazi,” a department spokesperson said in an email.

There are 262 Canadians listed in the department’s voluntary registry of citizens in Libya. Eighteen of those are in the Benghazi area. Canadian officials have been calling them to urge them to leave.

The European travel advisories, issued less than a week after the deadly hostage crisis in neighbouring Algeria, did not elaborate on the precise nature of the threat, nor was it clear how many expatriates might be affected, but they warned their citizens to leave Benghazi immediately.

” – Bruce Campion-Smith, Copyright 2013 Toronto Star

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