Kenyan Officials: Won’t Negotiate With al Shabaab Over Hostages

by Colonel on January 24, 2013

“Kenyan officials said on Thursday they would not negotiate with al Qaeda-allied Somali militants who have threatened to kill their Kenyan hostages unless Nairobi frees Muslims held on terrorism charges.

On Wednesday al Shabaab released a video of two Kenyan hostages seized a year ago and told Kenya to meet its demands.

Colonel Cyrus Oguna, spokesman for the Kenyan military which has been battling al Shabaab in Somalia since October 2011, said the hostages shown in the video were not prisoners of war because they were non-combatants.

“The government cannot negotiate with terrorists so that is out. What al Shabaab is doing is a criminal activity that is punishable by any law. They should just release them,” Oguna told Reuters.

” — Duncan Miriri, Copyright 2013 Thomson Reuters

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