Canadian Police Travel to Algeria to Investigate Site of the Hostage Situation

by Colonel on January 25, 2013

“Canadian police are in Algeria looking for evidence that Canadian citizens were involved in last week’s attack and hostage-taking at a desert gas plant.

One European official and one former senior European counter-terrorism official said they understood there was information confirming that at least one Canadian was among the hostage takers.

But the European sources said they did not believe the initial Algerian claim that a Canadian may have served as leader of the militants who took the hostages.

One of the European sources said multiple survivors of the incident reported one of the militants spoke English with either an English or North American accent.

European officials said it was highly unlikely that a British person was among the attackers.

Canadians suspected of ties to North African Islamic militants historically have come from French-speaking Quebec, not from English-speaking Canadian provinces.

” — (Reporting by David Ljunggren in Ottawa and Mark Hosenball in Washington; Editing by Xavier Briand), Copyright 2013 Thomson Reuters

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