Pennsylvania Govenrnor Tom Corbett (R) Proposes Privatizing State-Run Liquor Stores to Fund Public Education

by Colonel on January 31, 2013

“Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett proposed a plan on Wednesday to sell off state-run retail and wholesale liquor stores, saying the privatization would generate $1 billion that would fund public education.

The Republican governor said his plan would not impact state revenues. The money it would sacrifice from liquor sales would be offset in part by increased fines and fees and heightened regulation, he said.

The sale process would take about four years, with revenue coming in during different phases. Corbett expects the state to generate the most money, about $575 million, from wholesale licenses, he said.

Corbett’s proposal could double the number of wine and spirits stores in the state, to 1,200. …

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board is the largest purchaser of wine and spirits in the United States. The state has an 18 percent liquor tax.

” — Hilary Russ, Copyright 2013 Thomson Reuters

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