Vice President Biden Meets With French President Hollande in Paris to Discuss Mali

by Colonel on February 5, 2013

“In a press conference with François Hollande in Paris, US Vice President Joe Biden applauded the French president for his “decisiveness” on France’s operation in Mali. The two also agreed on the need to increase pressure on Iran.

US Vice President Joe Biden on Monday held talks with French President François Hollande on what he called a “global agenda” of issues, including France’s military intervention in Mali, economic matters, conflict in Syria, and Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

At a press conference following their lunch, the two hailed the strength of the French-American alliance and expressed broad agreement on the spectrum of complex questions they discussed.

” — Copyright 2013 France24

“US Vice-President Joe Biden, speaking alongside French President Francois Hollande on Monday, said they had agreed African troops should take over “as quickly as reasonably possible”.

Mali descended into chaos last March after Tuareg rebels took advantage of a military coup to expand their control over the vast north of the country.

Islamist militants then fell out with Tuareg separatists, seizing the area’s main towns, where they imposed strict Islamic law.

” — Copyright 2013 BBC

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