Analysis: U.S. Activists, Lobbyists, and NGOs in Brussels Influencing Policy-making in the European Union

by Colonel on February 6, 2013

“When a coalition of American nonprofit groups sought new digital privacy protections, it went to the European Parliament. When open source activists wanted to stop the merger of two American tech companies, they asked European regulators to re-examine the deal. And as Google and Microsoft have learned firsthand, European antitrust investigators can tie up American companies in litigation for years.

For U.S.-based groups, it’s a new version of an old advocacy trick: looking for a friendly state legislature or compliant city council as a first step toward national or international standards. Emissions standards first passed by California or a trans-fat ban introduced in New York City have been examples of this kind of venue-shopping.

[M]ost recent example is the privacy bill being considered before the European Parliament — something activists say would be impossible to pass in the United States.

” — Byron Tau, Copyright 2013 Politico LLC

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