Michigan Republican Governor Rick Snyder Announces Support for State Medicaid Expansion Under ObamaCare

by Colonel on February 6, 2013

“He said the move will add 320,000 state residents in the first year, and more than 470,000 by 2021, cutting the number of Michigan uninsured almost in half.

Snyder joins fellow Republican Governor John Kasich of Ohio, who made his Medicaid expansion announcement on Monday. The Republican governors of Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and North Dakota had previously said they would expand the program.

It also follows new assurances that the Obama administration will defend federal funding for the program in upcoming deficit reduction talks with Congress.

Snyder is expected to unveil his budget for fiscal 2014, including the Medicaid program changes, on Thursday.

Another 14 governors, 12 Republicans and two Democrats, remain undecided, but experts say many are likely to reach decisions in the coming weeks as they propose new budgets for the fiscal year beginning July 1.

” — (Reporting by Mary Wisniewski in Chicago; Editing by Greg McCune and Eric Walsh), Copyright 2013 Thomson Reuters

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