Confirmed: Former LAPD Officer Christopher Dorner’s Pickup Truck Found Burning Near Bear Moutain

by Colonel on February 7, 2013

“The truck owned and driven by suspected cop killer Christopher Dorner during his alleged rampage through the Los Angeles area was found deserted and in flames on the side of Bear Mountain, Calif., this afternoon — with tracks in the snow leading away from the vehicle.

The San Bernadino Sheriff’s Department confirmed the truck was Dorner’s, but said at a news conference this evening that the tracks around the truck did not lead to him.

Personnel from several departments and teams of dogs continued to search the area near Big Bear Lake, about 80 miles east of Los Angeles, including door-to-door searches of cabins located there, officials said.

Dorner, a former Los Angeles police officer and Navy reservist, remained on the loose.

He added that the search would continue as long as it was possible. However, a snowstorm was forecast for the area.

” — David Wright, Kevin Dolak, and Colleen Curry, Copyright 2013 ABC News Internet Ventures

“A truck roughly matching the description of the one used by Christopher Jordan Dorner, who is suspected of killing two people in Irvine and a police officer in Riverside County, is burning in a wooded area near Big Bear. There is no confirmation the truck is actually Dorner’s.

Because of police activity in Big Bear, all schools and facilities in the Bear Valley Unified School District have been placed on lockdown.

Assistant Superintendent Walter Con says in an online message that district officials do not believe there is any immediate danger, but the lockdown is being done as a precaution.

Riverside police said two officers were stopped at a red light and “ambushed” by a shooter inside a gray or blue Nissan truck early Thursday morning, similar to the vehicle Dorner is believed to be driving.

” — Salvador Hernandez, Doug Irving, Claudia Koerner, Brooke Edwards Staggs and Vik Jolly, Copyright 2013 Orange County Register

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