Senate Democrats Propose Ending Farm Subsidies to Avoid Sequestration Spending Cuts

by Colonel on February 7, 2013

“Farm subsidies are back in play as a possible offset in sequester bargaining, this time as a way for Senate Democrats to help forestall automatic spending cuts for the remainder of this fiscal year or into December.

Absent some intervening action by Congress, the across-the-board cuts will be triggered March 1, and President Barack Obama urged lawmakers Tuesday to approve at least a three-month delay to buy time for more negotiations.

Senate Democrats said Thursday they want to go longer, but each added month means coming up with about $12 billion in new revenues or savings. …

Senate Agriculture Committee Chairwoman Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.) confirmed that the prime target for spending cuts is an outdated system of direct cash payments to producers that still costs taxpayers close to $5 billion a year and has long been a target for reformers.

” — David Rogers, Copyright 2013 Politico LLC

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