United Kingdom Exit Strategy Plans: Over 40% of Britain’s Military Equipment Will Remain in Afghanistan

by Colonel on February 8, 2013

“More than 40% of Britain’s Afghan military equipment may not return to the UK, according to Government exit strategy plans.

Millions of pounds worth of resources are expected to be scrapped, sold or given away following the withdrawal of troops under proposals drawn up by the Ministry of Defence (MoD).

The plans – which are still to be finalised – have raised fears high-tech material could end up in the hands of the Taliban.

Government estimates suggest about 11,000 containers worth of equipment are currently in theatre, including around 3,000 vehicles.

Of these, military chiefs plan to bring back some 6,500 loads, at a cost of tens of millions of pounds.

It would leave around 4,500 containers (40.9% of kit) to be disposed of in Afghanistan, according to plans revealed to the Press Association under the Freedom of Information Act.

” — Copyright 2013 TheHuffingtonPost.com

“Britain is planning to leave military equipment worth more than £2billion in Afghanistan when it withdraws from the war.

Around 40 per cent of hardware – including up to 1,200 protected trucks and personnel carriers – will be scrapped, sold or given away by the Ministry of Defence.

Military chiefs are preparing to bring home 6,500 containers of kit from the frontline. But some 4,500 loads will remain in the warzone.

Some equipment will be gifted to the Afghan National Army and Police so they can maintain security when the UK leaves in December 2014.

Other pieces of kit deemed surplus to requirement will be destroyed so it does not fall into the hands of insurgents.

But the planning assumptions, revealed by the MoD, have fuelled concern that sensitive equipment could inadvertently fall into the Taliban’s clutches.

” — Ian Drury, Copyright 2013 Associated Newspapers Ltd

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