U.S. Democratic Senator Frank Lautenberg Retires, Won’t Seek Re-Election

by Colonel on February 14, 2013

“”I am not announcing the end of anything. I am announcing the beginning of a two-year mission to pass new gun safety laws, protect children from toxic chemicals and create more opportunities for working families in New Jersey,” Lautenberg told The Star-Ledger.  …

The decision by Lautenberg, 89, who has been giving mixed signals for months, marks the end of a political era in New Jersey and one that is likely to set off a fierce primary battle as Democrats, including Newark Mayor Cory Booker, jockey for the rare open seat.

Lautenberg, who was a successful businessman, has been one of the Senate’s most strident liberal voices over an approximately 30-year career, parrying with Democrats and Republicans alike on a broad array of domestic issues.

” — Matt Friedman, Copyright 2013 New Jersey Star-Ledger

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