Beef-Tainted Horsemeat Scandal Spreads in Europe

by Colonel on February 17, 2013

“UK food retailers have agreed to update ministers on DNA testing on processed beef every three months, according to Environment Secretary Owen Paterson.

The news comes after Mr Paterson met with supermarket executives to discuss how to restore consumer confidence in the wake of the horsemeat scandal.

He also said the results of almost all the tests ordered by the Food Standards Agency so far would be ready by Friday.

Retailers said they were “taking their responsibilities very seriously”.

Downing Street stressed it was up to the food industry to rebuild trust among consumers.

The Drink Federation and the Institute of Grocery Distribution were among other groups which took part in the talks with Mr Paterson. …

The scandal emerged in mid-January, when Irish food inspectors announced they had found traces of horsemeat in some frozen beefburgers stocked by UK supermarkets.

” — Copyright 2013 BBC

“This week the scandal over horsemeat in hamburgers and lasagne has spread beyond Britain, revealing cracks in the Continent’s food supply chain. Authorities are now trying to trace the meat’s circuitous path across Europe to prevent future problems.

“No artificial flavors or colors,” the packaging of the frozen Spaghetti Bolognese prepared meal at British supermarket chain Tesco’s promises. The additional ingredient causing such a furor right now, however, isn’t even artificial. The misslabelling was even worse: Instead of the beef advertised, the product, which was sold under the chain’s own Everyday Value label, contained a huge amount of horsemeat — at least 60 percent. And all natural.

The horsemeat was first discovered in frozen hamburgers, but later in lasagne and more recently in the spaghetti product. In Britain, people are starting ask whether it is possible to eat frozen foods with a good conscience.

” — Carsten Volkery, Copyright 2013 Spiegel Online

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