President Obama Continues to Pressure Congressional Republicans on the Sequestration Spending Cuts Deadline

by Colonel on February 19, 2013

“President Barack Obama renewed pressure on congressional Republicans to head off budget cuts that are due to begin on March 1, staging a White House appearance with emergency workers to illustrate jobs he said were at risk.

Obama is trying to get concessions from Congress to stall the cuts by ending tax breaks enjoyed mainly by wealthy Americans.

“My door is open. I put tough cuts and reforms on the table. I am willing to work with anyone to get this job done,” Obama said at the event. In a symbolic gesture, Obama was flanked by 17 uniformed firefighters and law enforcement officers who would not necessarily be laid off by the cuts.

Obama plans similar events in the next 10 days. The administration believes the public will blame job losses on congressional Republicans, senior administration officials told reporters.

” — Steve Holland and Roberta Rampton, Copyright 2013 Thomson Reuters

“This so-called sequester “won’t help the economy,” Obama said. “It won’t create jobs.”

The “meat cleaver approach” will lead to such things as the layoffs of teachers, cutbacks in the air traffic control system, furloughs of FBI agents and a compromised military, Obama said as he again called for heading off sequestration with a “balanced” debt reduction plan — and laid the groundwork for blaming the Republicans if the automatic cuts come to pass.

“These cuts are not smart, these cuts are not fair,” Obama said. “People will lose their jobs.”

A balanced plan means both spending cuts as well as new tax revenue to be derived from closing loopholes and deductions that benefit the wealthy, Obama said.

Congressional Republicans said Obama got tax increases as part of the “fiscal cliff” deal struck on Jan. 1, and this debt cut should be spending cuts only.

” — David Jackson, Copyright 2013 USAToday

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