Report: United Kingdom Government Warned of Illegal Horsemeat as Early as 2011

by Colonel on February 19, 2013

“The Government was last night urgently investigating allegations that ministers were alerted as long ago as 2011 that illegal horse meat was entering the food chain.

John Young, a former manager at the Meat Hygiene Service, which is now part of the Food Standards Agency (FSA), said he helped draft a warning letter to the former agriculture minister Sir Jim Paice. In it, the minister was told that the Government’s passport scheme – designed to prevent horse meat [from] entering the food chain – was not working.

“Defra gave nearly 80 organisations the authority to produce passports and some of them are little better than children could produce,” he said. …

He claimed that as a result of the lax passport system there was no way of telling whether horses had been given the potentially dangerous anti-inflammatory drug phenylbutazone, known as “bute”, before being slaughtered.

” — Oliver Wright, Copyright 2013 Belfast Telegraph


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