Standard & Poor’s Downgrades Tunisia’s Credit Rating For the Third Time Since January 2011

by Colonel on February 20, 2013

“Tunisia has avoided large-scale turbulence since protests toppled dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Alitwo years ago, but a political shoving match that prompted Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali to resign last night shows how complicated democratic change can be.

Hours before Jebali announced his resignation, Standard and Poor’s rating agency downgraded Tunisia’s credit rating for the third time since Mr. Ben Ali’s removal: from BB to BB-.

Resolving such problems requires long-term policies that are all the more difficult to maintain amid political ups-and-downs, says Henry Smith, a North Africa analyst at Control Risks, a British risk assessment firm.

Tunisia’s current trouble goes back at least two years. Demonstrations over unemployment and corruption became an uprising against Ben Ali’s two-decade rule. He fled the country in January 2011 as his regime collapsed.

” — John Thorne, Copyright 2013 The Christian Science Monitor

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