Arizona Governor Jan Brewer (R): Residents “Living in Fear” Because of the State’s Insecure Border

by Colonel on February 24, 2013

“”We need to secure our border first and then move forward – I feel very, very strongly about that,” the GOP governor said. Thanking Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla. – the son of Cuban immigrants – for leading that argument on Capitol Hill, she predicted it’s “going to be a stumbling block trying to get something done” on immigration.

Brewer … in 2010 signed the Arizona immigration law that sparked nationwide controversy and which was largely struck down last year by the Supreme Court. …

“Our fences aren’t complete,” Brewer continued. “People are living down there in fear of their lives, and fear of the safety of their families. And we are recipients of all the crime that is taking place-the extortion, the human trafficking, the prostitution, the cost in jails. It’s a bad problem.”

” — Lindsey Boerma, Copyright 2013 CBS Interactive Inc

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