Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell (R) Re-Affirms Opposition to State-Level Expansion of Medicaid Under ObamaCare

by Colonel on February 24, 2013

“A McDonnell adviser was blunt, “Virginia is not Ohio. Virginia is not Florida. Medicaid will not be expanded in Virginia.” Instead, McDonnell talked the Democrats into a bicameral commission that will set about trying to reform Medicaid (federal approval is needed) before it can be expanded. With the overwhelmingly Republican House of Delegates, the state can be assured Medicaid isn’t expanding anytime soon. …

In a press conference after the [unrelated transportation] bill’s passage McDonnell was clear: “I strongly oppose the expansion of Medicaid and it cannot be done unless there is a major and total reform of the system.” He explained that the Republicans who control the House of Delegates had “set a clear firewall against expansion. They have said there will no expansion unless all the reforms outlined in the budget are implemented.”

” — Jennifer Rubin, Copyright 2013 The Washington Post Company

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