At State Party Convention, Michigan Republicans Endorse Plan to Allocate the State’s Electoral Votes by Congressional Districts

by Colonel on February 25, 2013

“At the state’s party convention in Lansing, members backed a resolution to take away Michigan’s winner-take-all system by a 1,370-132 margin. The proposal — introduced by state Rep. Pete Lund (Shelby Township) — would allocate 14 of the state’s 16 votes by district, and the remaining two to the statewide winner. That system is similar to Maine and Nebraska, the only states to allocate by district.

If the plan had been in effect in 2012, 10 of Michigan’s electoral college votes would have gone to President Barack Obama, while six would have gone to Mitt Romney.

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R), however, threw cold water on the idea, saying that it was “not the appropriate time” to discuss the plan, according to the Detroit News. Addressing the initiative before a census and in a bipartisan way would be more fitting, he said.

” — Luke Johnson, Copyright 2013

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