Gunmen Massacre Over 40 Syrian Government Soldiers Who Had Sought Temporary Safety in Iraq

by Colonel on March 4, 2013

“More than 40 Syrian soldiers who had sought temporary safety in Iraq from rebel fighters along the border were killed on Monday in an ambush. They were attacked by unidentified gunmen as the Iraqi military was transporting the soldiers back to Syria in a bus convoy, the government said. At least seven Iraqis were also reported killed in the ambush, which appeared to be the most serious spillover of violence into Iraq since the Syrian conflict began. …

Ali al-Musawi, a spokesman for Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki, accused “armed groups from the Iraqi and Syrian side” of coordinating the attack. He said Iraq would deploy more security forces on the border. Middle East experts said such a move raised the risk that the Iraqis could become more directly enmeshed in the Syrian conflict, underscoring how it threatens to destabilize … the region.

” — Duraid Adnan and Rick Gladstone, Copyright 2013 The New York Times Company

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