United Nations Security Council Considering Resolution to Increase Sanctions Against North Korea

by Colonel on March 5, 2013

“The United Nations Security Council moved closer on Tuesday to expanding sanctions that penalize North Korea for its nuclear and ballistic missile activities, with the United States and China introducing a resolution that would target North Korean bankers and overseas cash couriers, tighten inspections of suspect ship and air cargo and subject the country’s diplomats to invasive scrutiny and increased risk of expulsion.

Passage of the measure, drafted in response to the third North Korean underground nuclear test three weeks ago, seemed all but assured, in part because China — North Korea’s major benefactor — participated in drafting the language. It would be the fourth Security Council sanctions resolution on North Korea, which has defied the previous measures with increasing belligerence. A vote was expected on Thursday.

” — Rick Gladstone, Copyright 2013 The New York Times Company

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