Harlem Shake Videos Provoking Sectarian Violence in Tunisia

by Colonel on March 6, 2013

“The YouTube phenomenon of the “Harlem Shake” has popped up in spots all over the world, but in Tunisia it’s more than just a curiosity or a fad – it has become part of a bitter rivalry between the secularists and Islamists striving to shape the identity of this North African nation as it transitions to democracy after years of dictatorship.

Videos posted by Tunisian students have provoked a violent backlash by conservative Muslims, condemnations from the education minister and hundreds of new copycat videos online.

In Tunisia, the “Harlem Shake” craze comes just over two years since a revolution overthrew a repressive secular dictatorship and ushered in new freedoms, including for religious ultraconservatives known as Salafis who are eager to impose their will – even violently at times.

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