Biography: Fox News Founder Roger Ailes Criticizes CNN’s Graphic Technology as “Foolish”

by Colonel on March 7, 2013

“CNN had recently introduced a new graphic design with moving walls, which Ailes thought was foolish. “You’ve got Wolf Blitzer standing out there facing the camera, and suddenly the set moves and you’re looking at his rear end. Wolf’s a good journalist, but I doubt if the audience really wants to see some size 42-short guy with his back to the camera. That’s a production mistake whether the walls move or not.”

“Let CNN buy the new stuff and test it out, and when the technology is right I’ll come in like a ton of bricks,” he says. “You spend a million dollars on some innovation and it turns out that nobody in the department knows how to use the damn thing. So they need something else to make it work. It never stops. When I see that the Framistan is working, we’ll get one. Hell, we’ll get two. But in the meantime, let CNN waste their money.” Framistan, it turns out, is a word Ailes loves. It became popular after it was used on an episode of I Love Lucy—it stands for unnecessary gear. “Framistans always need an additional Framistan. And this network isn’t going to run in the red.”

” — Copyright 2013 Vanity Fair

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