Conservatives Criticize House Republicans For Not Including ObamaCare Repeal in Stopgap Spending Bill

by Colonel on March 7, 2013

“So far, the CR, the legislation that will keep the government funded through March 27, is progressing with minimal drama, with both sides trying to avoid a shutdown. Democrats have mostly abandoned efforts to completely undo the sequester through the bill. Republicans have left out the kind of language that would delight the base but meet a quick end in the Senate.

But some conservative leaders are fuming that Republicans, particularly in the House where the GOP controls the chamber, didn’t at least trying to attach language to eliminate Obamacare through the legislation.

A Republican leadership aide countered that funding national security priorities through the CR is in line with conservative priorities.

The conservative outcry comes as Republican governors are gradually embracing aspects of Obamacare and readying themselves to implement it.

” — Ginger Gibson, Copyright 2013 Politico LLC

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