Fox News Commentator Bill O’Reilly Apologizes For Calling Alan Colmes a Liar

by Colonel on March 7, 2013

“Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly on Wednesday said he was “sorry” for accusing liberal radio talk show host Alan Colmes of “lying” during their heated exchange the night before.

“Lots of folks talking about my shootout with Alan Colmes last night where I asked him what specific — specific — budget cuts President Obama has proposed,” the host said at the start of “The O’Reilly Factor.” “Colmes hemmed and hawed saying the president’s promising to cut Medicare, or something. But the truth is Mr. Obama has not put forth any specific federal spending cuts. It’s all a bunch of general nonsense and so Colmes and I got into it. Even though I’m sorry I said Alan was lying — I should not have used that word — I’m glad the exposition occurred.”

” — Mackenzie Weinger, Copyright 2013 Politico LLC

“Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly on Tuesday night repeatedly accused liberal radio talk show host Alan Colmes of “lying” during a heated shouting match on “The O’Reilly Factor.”

The sustained outburst from O’Reilly and his harsh attack on Colmes were over the top for the Fox News host, and he later said on the air that he regretted how he had treated Colmes. While O’Reilly regularly takes on guests over issues and policy, his attack on Colmes seemed to turn personal and Colmes was outraged by O’Reilly’s charges that he was lying.

O’Reilly kicked off his show by saying President Barack Obama does not want to “solve the fiscal mess” and that he is too focused on flipping the Republican-held House back to the Democrats to deal with the country’s economic issues.

” — Mackenzie Weinger, Copyright 2013 Politico LLC

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