Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) Criticizes Secretary of State John Kerry’s $250 Million Aid Pledge to Egypt

by Colonel on March 7, 2013

“The United States has long been a beneficent nation.

This is an important point that some in Washington often forget — we don’t provide foreign assistance solely out of the goodness of our heart, we do so because it furthers our national interest.

That is why Secretary Kerry’s announcement of $250 million in aid to Egypt on Sunday was so unfortunate. We have significant interests in ensuring that Egypt remains at peace with Israel, and that the Morsi government does not undermine the democratic process and the human and political rights of all Egyptians, including religious minorities and women. That does not mean, however, that we should just continue to dole out aid to Egypt, whether it be economic or security assistance.

” — Sen. Marco Rubio, Copyright 2013 National Review Online

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