New Zealand Court: Mega Upload Founder Kim Dotcom May Sue Government’s Spy Agency For Illegal Surveillance

by Colonel on March 7, 2013

“The New Zealand Court of Appeal rejected a request from the country’s attorney general to exclude the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) from DotCom’s lawsuit. The GCSB collected intelligence on Dotcom ahead of the 2012 raid on his house to determine whether he posed any danger to the police who would later swoop in by helicopter to arrest him.

New Zealand law prohibits the GCSB from conducting surveillance on the country’s citizens, but the agency was under the false impression that DotCom, who was born in Germany, was not yet a citizen. That revelation led New Zealand Prime Minister John Key to apologize to DotCom. …

Chief High Court judge Justice Helen Winkelmann ruled last year that DotCom had the right to sue the agency and police, a decision that was challenged by New Zealand’s attorney general.

” — Steven Musil, Copyright 2013 CBS Interactive Inc.

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