Export Enforcement Coordination Center Created Under President Obama Causing Investigative Overlaps

by Colonel on March 8, 2013

“In the first year, the White House official said, E2C2 comparisons of target names and other data, such as phone numbers, have turned up ties to other investigations or relevant records 60 percent of the time.

“It was a shocker for us,” said the White House official. “Based on anecdotal evidence from the field, we knew we had a problem, but we didn’t anticipate numbers like this.”

The E2C2, part of the Obama administration’s export overhaul, was established in part to fix the overlap and conflicting priorities among multiple U.S. agencies that try to stop equipment with military uses and other banned items from being shipped overseas.

A Commerce Department briefing paper described the current mix of export law enforcement agencies as “confusing… disjointed and inefficient.”

The E2C2 was created by presidential order in 2010, but the collaboration has evolved slowly.

” — John Shiffman, Copyright 2013 Thomson Reuters

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