Flooding Damages 500 Homes in Atlantic City, New Jersey

by Colonel on March 8, 2013

“The direction of the wind during this late-winter storm contributed to flooding in those areas, Foley said.

“If the wind is blowing east, northeast the back bays can’t drain because the wind is keeping the water in the back bays,” he said, but once the wind turns north or northwest, the water can clear out.

Foley said many of the homes that flooded in this storm were damaged during Hurricane Sandy. Damage to the bulkheads along the back bay during Sandy that have not yet been repaired also contributed to flooding in those low-lying areas, Foley said.

The city also “lost a tremendous amount of beach,” he said. That’s why he said the city desperately needs beach replenishment programs, “so we don’t have the multi-billion dollar losses if you don’t have the wide beach.”

” — Erin O’Neill, Copyright 2013 New Jersey On-Line LLC

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